At Parallel we believe that the best work comes from an inspiring environment. We like to surround ourselves with not only architectural references but also music, art and design. This is also translated into our workspace, where we like to discuss ideas at our coffee corner or share inspirations with a drink on the roof garden. A great image is able not only to represent a space but to communicate the intended atmosphere of the project.

The ever-changing architecture and real estate development require a fresh approach and we are always on the lookout. We like to investigate the newest technologies and techniques, ever pushing the boundaries of the digital world.


Our team consists of a mixture of different nationalities and backgrounds; we believe that this diversity is at the core of our strength. We apply our diverse background in architecture, the gaming industry, and product and interior design to develop each project freshly and genuinely.  

Parallel also believes in a hands-on approach to virtual visualization and therefore takes a lot of inspiration from the real world. We often go on field trips to gather inspiration from construction sites to urban and natural environments. We seek the best examples of diverse buildings such as museums, residential areas, offices, and more. This allows us to understand and reflect on how the world around us works and to be able to recreate it. We seek to visualize the story of the unbuilt in a breathtaking manner.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

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