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By Lon Grohs

AXYZ releases Anima 5 with 4D Digital Humans & Neural Crowds

If you’re looking to add 3D animated people and crowds to your scenes, you’ll want to check out the new release of Anima 5 from AXYZ design. Anima 5 introduces two key features that archviz artists will find useful right away: 4D Digital Humans and Neural Crowds. 4D Digital Humans are impressively lifelike 3D models of animated people with convincing details and motion, and Neural Crowds simulate crowd movements based on artificial intelligence.  Available now, Anima 5 is ready for photorealistic rendering and real-time.

4D Digital Humans

The new 4D Digital Humans in Anima 5 look great even close up. The characters move naturally, including their walk cycles, facial expressions, and clothing that wrinkles and adjusts to their movements.

4D Motion Blur

Anima 5 also introduces an improved anima .Y file that includes vertex velocity information so animated characters can be rendered with physically correct motion blur.

Neural Crowds

Along with an improved pedestrian path generator, Anima 5 introduces Neural Crowds. Neural Crowds simulate the movements of groups of people using artificial intelligence. This AI was trained using thousands of motion-captured movements, which gives it a lifelike quality that was previously impossible to achieve. As a result, Anima 5 crowds look and act more like real crowds would.

Real-time in UE5

AXYZ has improved its 4D format for better performance with Unreal Engine 5 to help you create immersive real-time environments populated with dozens of 4D characters.

Visit AXYZ design to learn more about Anima 5.

Images and animation created by Narrativ.
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Finally! Natural looking 3d people in motion!!!

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AXYZ design has just released anima 5, a new version of its popular 3D animated people and crowd simulation tool.

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