Christopher Malheiros (December 9, 2011)

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Excellent Work ..........!
simply marvelous
Very nice rendering! Good to see someone else using something other than 3DS Max/Vray.....
nice render and compositing.
nice render and composititing.
The rendering is great. Although the angle of the rendering makes it very dramatic, I would have like to have seen more of the inside of the stadium. The actual stadium picture that you linked in your reply to another member does not have the same intensity that yours has.
Great mood! Im happy other portuguese artist are doing very well!!! :D You used Peter HDRI 2003? Best regards, Jacinto
Awe-inspiring! Excellent image. For some reason makes me think of Halo.. I expect grunts to pop out..
Great work!!! I' m impressed by the feeling the lights give.
looks great. I love the effect of the light vs dark
Really nice textures and angle.... Lighting great, I'm in love with this picture! Just one question.. How did u use the light?
It's a great work and congratulation
Congratulation for getting into CGvisualization of the week
I love the image. One thing I noticed upon inspecting it further was the faceting around the circle cut outs. I didnt even notice it until I zoomed in. Just something to address the next time. Otherwise, amazing shot!
great image with an "out of this world" feeling :) dramatic and beautiful.
Yes, the idea is not creating a realistic archviz super render but yes to set the mood during a football game. outside it's quiet, inside it's colorful and full of lights. and it's not sad, you shouldn't associate blue=sad :) if you take a photo by night it will have a blue sky. The point of view was also meant to create this contrast between the building concrete and natural stone. (i should tell you that it is not the real environment, the real one is with grass but you also have the hill) and it is a personal project because this building already exists. Thanks you can check the real stadium here:
At first I was also wondering about the camera angle. But somehow felt the same way as you described. So IMHO it's a great shot as you achieved, whatever you wanted for this shot, and even make us feel the same way. Great work Christopher.
great work.. :)
Really great render!
your rendering is better than the photo. I wouldn't mind having that image as my desktp background.
Thanks! i just loved this angle! first plan is photo collage. You can see in the real photo (link) the real terrain.