About Orlando Toro

3D CG Artist & Freelance Designer I´m a Visualization Artist and freelance designer from Venezuela based in United States. My background is Computer science with an extensive experience with PC and Network Support, after discovering the world of Computer Graphics, I specialized in 2D and 3D graphic arts, which has allowed me to produce visuals for a wide range of projects. I also work as Photographer and Session Drummer. I´m the CEO and Owner of Atenax Project (Visual Art) & bbluestudios (Photography & Film), 3D partner at MITOS in Greece, Technical Reviewer at Packtpub.com and Contributor of Semeruco Films, Unidad Metrica, Guataco and Aporta Studios in Venezuela. Jarrys.com in Argentina. When I´m not doing 3D, I´m busy with photography, training Workshops, playing drums, or just hanging out with my wife and my children which I really love to do.

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