An old undisclosed project
Illustrated by Duy Phan

If ‘Shine’ was a starting point for a weekend, capturing a planning moment to prepare for your adventure later of that day, then ‘Back’ is in the afternoon, after finishing their camping trip,the home owners are just a few steps away back to their shelter.

The sun went just over its tip and about to meet the horizon again in a few hours soon in the shot, keeping a routine of the tremendous movement that brings lives to us and the atmosphere. There will be two more moments in this set so checking back if you like!

I have always tried to cohesive connect the stories within individual images with each other among their peers in the set. And time is usually a natural way to represent the continuous impacts of the architectural object, since our clocks mostly turn around our built structures and the environment containing it. Learning from watching comic, books and movies, you can see there are various methods to string multiple tales together to form the main concept.

If having any other way to connect your set of images, please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts! How do you usually link together more than one renders of the same project?