A modern hideout in the jungle

Have you ever wondered what the home of your dreams would be like? 

We created this project based on this gripping idea with one of my friends who is an interior designer as well. Since our answers to the question mentioned are almost the same, we thought it would be a huge fun to design and bring these desired interiors of our hearts to life in the virtual space. 

The house merges the characteristics of modernism and the Japanese 'wabi sabi': large glass surfaces, vast spaces, simple shaped furniture combined with natural materials, organic shapes, asymmetry and the beauty of imperfection.
One of our main goals was to create spaces not only aesthetically stunning, but livable, practical, usable and ergonomic. 

Moreover, we also added high priority for the idea that connected areas such as the hall, the kitchen, the dining area and the living room can have a smooth flow and they can form a coherent whole in colors, shapes and materials, but can still be clearly separated for those who enter these spaces.
During the design process, there was another important aspect: when you are surrounded by natural materials, earth colors and asymmetric elements, you must not feel that you are inside a lifeless cave, but you are in a vast, airy space which you can find peace in. 

It is best illustrated by the living room which indicates its central role with its enormous inner height, rock wall above its fireplace and iconic furniture. It's grandiose, but it's calm, welcoming and cosy 
at the same time.
We both agreed that simplicity and tradition are the most important of our mutual values. This is the reason why we chose furniture such as the magnificent ExtraSoft sofa by Piero Lissoni (LivingDivani) and the immersive, 100-years-old Wassily armchair designed by one of the most famous and talented Hungarian architects, Marcell Breuer.  
Going upstairs, we reach one of the most interesting rooms, the bedroom which is located directly above the kitchen. Thanks to the huge window behind the bed, we can have a beautiful view of the rainforest and the infinity pool through the living room. In addition, a special lighting ring carved into the ceiling makes the atmosphere even  more spiritual and msyterious. 
Every home needs a place where we can refresh both physically and mentally in the highest quality. Building on this idea, we designed one of the bathrooms in the house which also intends to let us in nature as much as possible with plants, pottery and wooden surfaces, but the main attraction is definitely the monumental L-shaped window above the bathtub which gives the feeling of actually taking a dip in a tropical waterfall.
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