A nostalgic home above the sea

Working as a freelancer, I had a permanent partnership with The View Studios,
an Amsterdam-based company dealing with virtual reality archviz designs. 
My main task was to create lowpoly 3D assets from scratch and design interiors. 

As part of a promotional campaign, I was asked to design a space which collects and presents the assets I made. I have been very excited about the 1950-60s interior architecture of the United States, so I didn't hesitate when I had to declare a style. The space was inspired by magnificent cliffhouses which were such a classy and popular phenomenon in the US at that time.
One of my most important goals was to communicate an idyllic, pleasant, nostalgic and retrospective mood through the pictures. In order to do so, I tried to carefully make sure that the iconic elements of this era such as bright colors, geometric patterns, large wooden surfaces, glass objects and chromed metal appeare on the furnishings and on the artworks as well.
The space is basically defined by the conversation pit which is in the middle of the whole room. Sitting on this elegant sofa you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the sea and also the nearby bay.
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