This is a small stylish hotel in the village of Vignée in Belgium with 25 comfortable rooms.
At the time of our work with 3D visualization, the hotel was under construction. Our task was to show how these rooms will look when the hotel is completed. The client needed to place these images on his website, as well as on other Internet sites, so that potential guests could already plan their vacation or staying at this hotel during a business trip
The most impressive and interesting are the suite rooms. These are cozy spacious rooms, made in a modern style with neoclassical elements. The deep green color used by designers in combination with dark wood not only gives the space prestige, but also adds comfort.
In addition to suite rooms, the hotel also has superior rooms with a concise but no less stylish interior.
The hotel has its own restaurant and lounge area, which we also depicted on our renderings. This space is made using dark materials that create an atmosphere of privacy and coziness.
The hotel bar is designed in the same atmosphere. Small but cozy. The space is also made of dark materials, and blackout curtains do not allow a large amount of natural light from the outside, creating a twilight that emphasizes the small space and at the same time its prestige.

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