STONE Savelovskaya


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The STONE Savelovskaya Class A business center consists of two modern 100-meter towers united by a functional stylobate. 
According to the developer of the project, STONE Savelovskaya is implemented within the be CITIZEN concept, which meets the key demands of the modern metropolis residents and changes the perception of office space. The project is located in a dynamically developing area within walking distance of three metro lines.
Our task was to create images to promote the project and demonstrate it to investors.
An important feature of the object is its premium nature. Therefore, the renderings for the promotion and presentation of the project should be stylish, and the atmosphere in the images should evoke in the viewer a sense of high status and prestige of the object itself.
Of course on the series of renderings in addition to the atmosphere it was necessary to show the architectural features of the object - a unique landscaping, functional stylobate, convenient location of parking. 
The architectural solution of the building itself deserves special attention - two mirrored towers with office spaces inside. The two-storey stylobate. on which the towers are located, in which all the necessary infrastructure for the residents of the building and its guests is located.

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Amazing job!

Fantastic Project

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