The project that our team worked on back in 2019. We finally got a permission to publish it :) Architecture from Studio Puisto Architects.

Studio Puisto: "Hietalahti square is located between Länsisatama, the port, and the city centre with all its attractions. In our proposal we saw that Hietalahti square could have the potential to become a gate to Helsinki for tourists who are brought here by the boats. Hietalahti square is already surrounded by historical buildings such as the old building of the Helsinki Technical University, market hall and Kaartin lasaretti, but it yet has to reach the status of an iconic, lively square.

To become that we suggested to create a more closed and warm atmosphere by switching the parking lots of the area into green spaces and building a new landmark with retail spaces to invite visitors. The square would have activities like flea markets and the visitor flow would be guided by paths inspired by meanders."

For more visit: cylind.com

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