Sun will shine again...

Concepting and building something new in a historical surrounding is usually tricky. Properly visualizing is it, too - while remaining true to reality, the images cannot afford to be generic or devoid of a sensibly fitting atmosphere.

This project in Germany was to be released to the public eye in November, so we decided to depict it in the corresponding season - autumn. Now, German autumn mustn't be cold, but it surely is wet and often gloomy. In our certain case however, an overcast sky played well into our hands, because of the great contrast it created to the bright or colored new facades. In addition, the puddles and the fallen leaves, being very authentic to the season, only enhanced the overall mood. To avoid a generally depressing first impression however, we made a sun-pattern study and added some mellow sunset light to the scene. This made it friendly, welcoming and optimistic again.
We purposefully shifted the main focus from the architectural details to the general scenery to visually prove that the concepted buildings and the existing surroundings match together well. Concentrating on unessential fragments of the scenery for the closeups only helped provoking the feeling of natural implementation between old and new.

visualization: Teodor Vladov, Helldoor Visual Studio
on behalf of: pulsschlag network GmbH

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Amazing job!

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