A full CG animated short film by Ander Alencar
They say that when you’re going to die, a movie plays in your head. Maybe it is the desire to revive all the moments we have spent, maybe it is the desire to feel a little more of what we live, maybe it is the memory of what happened, or maybe it is just the regret of not having done more.
They say it's like a flash, a lifetime in a split second.
Life is a breath, a breath that while it is with us, always blows us around, allows us to do everything we do, live what we live.
At the beginning of the year I went to visit my grandfather at the hospital, he was always strong, that person who, even at the age of 90, was playing guitar and singing. When I saw him in that bed, with a little more than 40 kg I realized what the breath of life was, wanting to go for a walk.
The other day he passed away, life simply flew and disappeared into the air.
I have a little son called Pedro, he was 1 year and 5 months old when my grandfather passed away. Looking at him, I see him playing and how much he has of me inside him, consequently how much I have from my father, and how much my father has of my grandfather.
Life will always need to go away, in this case she took Grandpa Doca, but thankfully life is generous, and always leaves one Pedro for us to fly again.
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