About ABIBOO Studio

ABIBOO Studio is an award-winning architectural and design firm with developments worldwide that range from entire cities to small structures in extreme environments. 

ABIBOO is a neologism evoking the “origin of creativity.” AB- derives from the Latin term ab initio, which means “from the beginning,” and -IBOO derives from the Japanese 伊部, meaning “one who is creative.”

Our firm focuses on innovating architecture, urban settlements, interior spaces, and virtual environments by creating holistic sensory experiences. 

From our offices in the United States, Spain, and India, we have designed work featured in media outlets such as The New York Times, CNN, BBC, Business Insider, Forbes, Wallpaper*, Harper’s Bazaar, and Domus, among many others.

ABIBOO’s international and multidisciplinary team boasts experience with real estate budgets of over $6 billion. Led by Alfredo Munoz since 2010, the firm benefits from its founder’s background working across five continents for some of the most influential architects of the turn of the century. Alfredo also serves as the chair of Memberships for Space Architecture of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.


Our work processes embrace the diversity of local cultures and technologies, giving life to an optimistic view of the human impact on the world. 

We have been integrating remote operations since the founding of the firm in 2010.  Some of the most exciting creations of ABIBOO Studio emerge during daily meetings in ABIBOO’s “virtual room”, where different team members across the globe contribute their unique experiences and backgrounds. ABIBOO’s “decentralized-creative-brain” offers a unique approach to an architectural atelier, and is an important tool for the innovation-driven processes of the firm. 

ABIBOO believes that design has an enormous capacity to improve the quality of people’s lives. The designs that shape our built environments deeply affect our minds, bodies, and souls, providing the material frameworks for almost all of our daily activities and interactions. Through socially attentive, sustainable, and innovative designs, we strive to make significant contributions to societal well-being. 
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