Arqui9 Pedro Fernandes -
Sometimes life is just a journey, be it in your professional or personal life, with art it’s even more of a Journey. This piece is my “two cents” worth of how important it is to create what you feel like creating and taking action, because if you think and not do, nothing will ever materialise.
Many times we are faced with the feeling that we must create something, but finding the time and disposision is just impossible. This piece kind of represents that struggle, for a month or so prior to Christmas, I was feeling the urge to create something, I had all these ideas flowing, but no time to get them onto the computer, so I fiddled around with some really quick digital paintings and hand sketches, ideas where brewing in my mind, to the point I couldn’t sleep at night.
I started of with a completely preconceived idea of what I was doing, drawings the various elements, but not really having any understanding of how they could come together, I tried to force it, but things just didn’t seem to flow, so I started on a completely different piece I had in the cupboard for quite a while (one year to be exact!!!), you can view it here. I got really involved in this piece, and started thinking about the possibilities of coupling the two pieces together, as one was interior and the other exterior, as this thought was lingering in my mind throughout the process, I decided to continue it, little did I know it wouldn’t become the piece that I bring to you today.
I wanted to mix various formats and techniques, with matte painting and projection, mixed in with some cool comping, as I decided to create this very simplistic structure above the clouds I had an idea of the direction. So I started treating everything an interior animation that would view the exterior which would be projected in 3D Max. But as I started to gradually paint and build, more ideas kept coming, as they kept coming, I kept changing the image, I then took the big decision, to scrap the animation for now and work the matte painting, as it’s something I really enjoy.
Slowly and slowly the process gained form, and I started to realise that all these elements I had sketched months before and that I had though about for something completly different started to make there way into the piece. Looking at the piece now I know some things would be totally different, but it derived from a method of work of putting something on “paper” and then working your imagination on it, putting your feeling and know how into the image, thus I give you “Journey”.
Hope you appreciate it and actually take the time to read into this motivational speech, because as artists and lets face it human beings in general, we all have days when we are not at our most imaginative or productive, but TAKE ACTION and make something of it.