New Eden Futuristic City


Open sci-fi + cyberpunk world in the sandbox genre. Urban environment with a focus on Europe. Gameplay references - The Witcher3.

New Eden - the peak of civilization, the city absorbed the best of the modern world. Beautification, high technology and the absence of the usual government.


Promo Art
New Eden is a beacon of progress, a city that embraces all that is best. The apogee of futurism and human thought. If the city is a lighthouse, the Port is the beginning of the road to the lighthouse. The main gateway to the city.
New technologies require constant monitoring. These scientists... ...could create an AI to stabilize the installations. Hopefully the experimental stations won't result in a power release from the anomaly...
We must become a new force to fight the New Eden regime. The city's power is drifting further and further away from the ideals of the Founding Fathers. The hour X has arrived, we have finally reached energy synthesis, the moment of singularity is near. Nothing can stop us.
The great warrior's armor was covered in the cobwebs of time and a strange residue, and it awakened in me instincts long forgotten. I held on with all my might under the gaze of the mysterious warrior's ghost. The body is frail, but the spirit is great. The temple from the legends of the Baisaiten followers is finally found. The energy of the place... stirs my consciousness. 
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