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Fast research; Story; Illustration; Concept Design; Environment Design; Presentation; Animation 

Creating illustrations with a story for a company that promotes its real estate in the metaverse. Designing an interesting architectural space for a business that deserves the attention of the viewer, increasing sales, brand awareness, as well as opening new sources of income without excessive spending on the construction of complex architectural structures. From the submitted requirements: exclusively 3D, tight deadlines.

A new market, more brand awareness. The cost of 1 unit. The NFT of the illustration has crossed the border of 43 ETH. Architizer Nominee

Sci-fi outpost on mars planet
During a two-day brainstorming session and active work with Mind Map, I reviewed the problems faced by LADY&CUUB as an organization within the framework of this task. In the process, we prioritized the needs and goals of the business, as well as its customers.
This became the basis for our project. As a rule, I gather a focus group of different specialists for such tasks to get feedback. In this case, we were limited in time
and budget, because the project was a test, so we limited ourselves to the opinion of the company teams.

At the same time, I was collecting references
and creating conceptual sketches of the perspective of the future illustration to test the idea for operability and accuracy of reproduction of the created story. The key was to highlight and improve the core of the project and its elements, which subsequently formed the basis of the entire project.
Also, based on my pipeline, a template was formed for working on similar projects within the CUUB organization.
Thanks for your attention.
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